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District%20BuildingWashington is in fact a transient city. Nevertheless, that is no excuse for those who may just be passing through the District not to be involved or at least somewhat knowledgeable about local issues and policies. It’s certainly easy to get caught up in what is happening on Capitol Hill and let what is happening in the Wilson Building fall off your radar. Even the local news often leans heavy national in nightly coverage. The words of Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, “all politics are local” shouldn’t fall upon deaf ears.

DC Appleseed is a nonprofit organization dedicated to solving important public policy problems facing the Washington, DC metropolitan area. DC Appleseed has expanded its focus into the areas of health care, security, economic development, voting representation, education reform and environmental concerns. Currently they are working on 11 initiatives.

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Washington is full of people that work with, in or around the field of “policy.” policyFinally, a new restaurant and lounge has taken a fresh take on the concept of policy in the District. Policy no longer has to be something stuffy and uptight suggests the brains behind Policy DC who have brought something new and hip to the U Street corridor with a blend of good food, graffiti and drinks in an environment that embraces both the urban and urbane. It looks more like what DC really is – a mix. The best night to enjoy is Friday. A visit to Policy DC is a nice way to end a week of shuffling paper and promoting other peoples policies and promote your own: fun.


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  1. Khaleshia Says:

    I’ve been wanting to go here, but haven’t tried it yet. I have no excuses, since its directly across the street from my job.

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