Tony Hudgins | S&S Profile

thudginsHis devastating good looks and always dapper attire are equally as impressive as his professional and civic resume. Tony Hudgins is Substance & Style persona fide. By day he is the associate publisher of DC magazine & Men’s Book DC, publications of Modern Luxury Media, LLC, the largest luxury lifestyle publishing company in the country. His evenings are often spent supporting local community organizations including DC Scores as a very active member of their board of directors.

A University of Toledo College of Law graduate, he practiced law for several years before working for an executive search firm and launching two successful businesses. He and business partners recently opened Public Bar.

Tony Hudgins | Four Questions in Four Minutes

Four reasons you give back:

I give back first because my parents taught me that it was the right thing to do and then second because once I started to it felt good. Third I realized it meant you became a true part of the local community and fourth people ask and I can’t say no.

 Three words that describe your personal style:

Strange, eclectic and forward.                   

Two books on your summer reading list:

Hard to say, I don’t to read much but I want to learn more about Colin Powell, Sherman’s march through Atlanta and the Trail of Tears  since I’m part Cherokee. If I find books on that I’m reading them.

 One person you admire:

My mom.


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