DC’s Holistic Urbanite

Monica Holistic UrbaniteWashington is a place where most young professionals work hard and play even harder. As important as it is to maintain that balance, so also is the significance of maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit balance. When Monica McCollin graduated from George Washington University several years ago she took a not so unusual job track on Capitol Hill. Her days were filled with policy briefings, her nights with networking and very little time for herself. Eventually it took a toll on her body. Fatigued and facing health concerns she tried conventional medicine and coupled it with herbal medicine.

She discovered the positive effects of herbal medicine on physical, mental and spiritual health and felt whole. Herbal medicine has existed for centuries and increasingly the practice is being looked to as an effective and at times healthier compliment to traditional modern medicine.  Professional clinical herbalists work with individuals to realize optimal health through the use of natures’ medicine administered in custom tea blends, alcohol based herbal formulas (tinctures), and capsules, as well as vitamins and supplements, along with nutrition and lifestyle management tips.

So enriched by her experience she left the Hill to pursue her master’s of science at the Tai Sophia Institute in Herbal Medicine. The program provided a solid understanding of the philosophy, theory, and practice of western clinical herbalism for the support and maintenance of health and well-being. Dubbed as the Holistic Urbanite she now helps others set and achieve their wellness goals. Learn more about Monica and her services here.


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