A Lesson Before Dying

metro02_430The tragic deaths and serious injuries of those who were riding the Red Line train yesterday during rush hour aren’t just reminders of what bad can happen in our lives and what bad can happen to end our lives. The unfortunate incident, the worse in the history of the Metro rail system, is also a reminder of the fortunate opportunity we have to live our lives fully, richly and completely each day. It offers each of us a moment to reflect on how we are living and who and what we are living them for.

Are we more concerned with valuables than values? Are we more concerned with careers than caring about our family and friends? Are we living to work or working to live? Are we living lives of service or lives in which we are more interested in being served?

At my grandfathers funeral several months ago the minister began his remarks by asking everyone gathered if they knew the one appointment we all had in common. The answer of course is the inevitable appointment with death. Surely as man lives, so also must he die – but how s/he lives is something s/he can determine.

Today as we celebrate the souls gone home let us also commit to moving forward living our best lives and seizing the day. One knows not when s/he will be called for that appointment but s/he can rest in knowing they were ready when their name was called.


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