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Why Barack Obama Just Got Hired

Posted in Politics on October 9, 2009 by substanceandstyledc


obamapeaceToday, many people are debating the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama. I am not. Walk with me the through this analogy.

Hundreds of people these days are applying for one single job. After all the applications for employment, cover letters and resumes are reviewed a handful of applicants are selected to come in for an interview. Someone from human resources or management interviews all the candidates and then one is chosen and an offer is made. Out of all those who thought they were qualified and the few that were actually qualified one was selected and extended an offer. She or he was hired.

What should be noted in hiring processes is that usually among all the applicants and those who are interviewed more than one person is usually qualified to actually do the job. Don’t get me wrong there are times of course when one candidate is just a star above the rest – but not so much. The final candidate is typically chosen for a mix of having the right credentials, desire to do the job and if they are the ‘right fit’ for the organization.

I argue that Obama has good credentials, is enthusiastic about bringing peace throughout the world – as do many other people – but more importantly he was selected because he was the “right fit.”  Barack Obama alone is an extraordinary individual and even a more extraordinary symbol of what so many in the world are in search of, need of and deeply crave. Despite his rough spots with Health Care Reform and rebuilding the US economy. He still represents hope. He still represents a new promise for tomorrow. He still represents progress. He still represents the underdog who comes back to win it all.

People want something and someone to believe in. People want something or someone to serve as a physical manifestation of perseverance. People want things in this world to be better. The people across the pond chose President Barack Obama for those reasons. What he represents is greater than the sum of his cells and molecules. He represents something larger than one man.

Let us not forget what has been said in the past – a leader doesn’t create a movement, a movement creates a leader.

Congratulations Mr. President!

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