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The Other “L” Word

Posted in Culture on October 22, 2009 by substanceandstyledc

12364foilThere once was a time when it was taboo and rare to bring up the word lesbian in a conversation. It was the unthinkable and unspeakable “L” word. Today the L word that is rarely mentioned seems to be the library. Long before, kindle and the like, the public library was a community mainstay and a bastion for the treasures of the written word and other activities. Times have changed and the DC Public Library is working to change too.

DC Public Library is now sharing books in the form of their expanding downloadable media collection. Patrons can check out and download books in Adobe, Mobipocket eBook and audio formats for use on computers and MP3 players. Check it out! At the next party be geek chic and let the L word cross your lips. Literature is sexy.

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