Poor Jim or Poor DC?

2k04_gajmjbk6d-Yesterday, many DC area news broadcasts led with more rumors and talk that Jim Zorn would soon be out of a job as head coach of the Washington Redskins. As a lead story that wouldn’t be so shameful if the Department of Labor hadn’t just released their September 09 numbers that indicate that Washington leads the nation with the highest increase in unemployment.

 Washington, DC has an 11.4% unemployment rate.

Indeed, people move to Washington from all over the country hoping to make a positive impact on the policies that govern our nation – young idealist who want to change the world. In a city of such great power and privilege the wealth isn’t equally shared among its residents. Rather than devoting so much time and focus on if Jim Zorn will remain in his highly lucrative and high profile job with a professional sports team perhaps our community should be using that time and energy to concentrate on creating employment opportunities for those who are underserved and even when working usually are yet still underpaid.


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