Seeing Hurt and Searching for Hope in Haiti

“I hate to see you under these circumstances, but nevertheless it is good to see you.” That is such a common line heard at many funerals. Family members often gather together in times of high celebration or deep sorrows say this when they greet each other. Tragedy is too often what pulls people together, reminds them of the greatest gift that is life itself and appreciative of the ones that mean so much to them.

People also then say, “I’m going to do a better job at keeping in touch.” Then you see them only at the next funeral. There lies the true tragedy.

As I think about the outpouring of support to the brothers and sisters in Haiti in their time of need following the most horrific natural disaster that shook the capital city of Port-au-Prince I must also pray that it will shake those around the world to action – and not just right now. Before the earthquake hit the people of Haiti were living in a country plagued by poverty, illiteracy, poor sanitation, a shortage of clean drinking water, pitiable access to basic health care and corrupt leadership. So, before the 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, it had already been hit by political, economic and social ills.

Haiti is not alone. Children all over the world, elders in every corner of the Earth, men and women of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds are living in conditions in which average Americans would think they’d die in and work, resources and prayers should be given to them as well – not just in times of disaster. Those who can, must band together at all times. All times for all people.


One Response to “Seeing Hurt and Searching for Hope in Haiti”

  1. So true, my brother. So true.

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