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Photo of Abbi Crutchfield by David Schinman

Abbi Crutchfield is heading back to Washington, DC. The first time she came to the District she was all about hitting the books. A native of Indiana, she lived in Washington for several years while earning her degree foreign service from Georgetown University. Now she is coming to DC because she and a group of other up and coming female comedians have been booked for a show Sunday June 24 at the Busboys and Poets at 5th and K Street, NW as part of their Pink Collar Comedy Tour.

Q: Before performing as a standup comedian what were you doing?

A: I worked as an office temp throughout Manhattan, an internal auditor at Bear Stearns and an executive assistant at American Express before I finally became a full-time comic. I saved money to move to The Big Apple by working part-time (simultaneously) as a substitute teacher, cocktail waitress, restaurant server and a dinner theater actress. Every week day was devoted to public service. So in a way I was using my degree.

Q: What made you make the switch from that to pursuing comedy full time?

A: I planned to be a comedian when I left college. The other jobs I worked were a means to reach that goal.

Q: What makes the Pink Collar Comedy Tour special/different?

A: The term “Pink Collar” refers to low-status wage work for women. One of the common themes that unites all of the performers is our rejection of an unsatisfying 9-5 lifestyle. But there’s more to the show than tales of office life. We are four different voices speaking to our experiences as comedians, women, friends, failed baristas, reluctant bridesmaids, disgruntled humanitarians and irreverent pranksters.

Q: Did you ever think on graduation day from Georgetown that you’d return to Washington as a comedienne?

A: Ever since I saw GU alum Mike Birbiglia perform at Gaston Hall I plotted to return to campus as a professional comedian to do the same.

Q: Describe your brand of wit.

A: My sense of humor errs on the fun, relatable side.  My earliest comedic influences were Ellen DeGeneres and Sinbad, before we stopped getting free HBO.

Q: The funniest thing about Washington is?

A: The best thing about Washington, DC is that it has been affectionately dubbed, “Chocolate City,” a nickname I love so much I use it to describe every town I play. Including Farmersburg, IN where all residents look like the cast from American Chopper.

Learn more about the Pink Collar Comedy Tour here and follow this Georgetown alum, Abbi Crutchfield on Twitter.


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